[PLUGIN] Generate Dynamic URL's with parameter keys

Simple way to generate dynamic URL’s with key parameter values. Supports up to four custom parameter keys. I can add more, for the initial release, this will suffice for most use-cases.

Demo: https://quick-invoice.bubbleapps.io/url-generator
Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/dynamic-url-generator-1610317486424x218360353943715840
Price: $10 one-time fee


Does this have the ability to be opened in the same window?

Would it have the same function as ‘go to page’ workflow event in that the page, if the same, doesn’t need to be reloaded?

Any way to take a dynamic value, such as ‘this URL’ and then operate on it, such as ‘remove key’?

This would be very valuable if it could replace the ‘go to page’ workflow event and give the ability to send the current parameters but remove a parameter as empty parameters are a negative impact on SEO.

@boston85719 I can add the functionality to open in the same window, however most modern browsers seem to be triggering a popup-alert. I’ll look into this.

Re replacing parameters, I can add the functionality to edit existing parameter values but not sure what you’re looking for here. You can remove parameters by using same-page navigation using Bubble’s built-in navigation workflow.

The idea would be that I have a set of URL parameters used for filtering. When a particular parameter is empty, it would be beneficial to use the current page parameters, so all other filters remain, while removing the parameter that is now empty so as to avoid the parameter being an empty value.

Currently the go to page navigation allows for sending the same URL parameters, but not to remove a particular parameter, so the only available option for keeping all existing filters, while removing the empty filter is to send the current page parameters and then for the empty parameter send it as empty.

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 5.20.48 PM

What would be optimal, especially for SEO benefits, is to have an option to ‘remove parameter’ instead of needing to ‘send a new parameter’ and have the field be empty.

Gotcha, let me look into that.

@boston85719 Unfortunately, the method of replacing parameters triggered a lot of errors for me on chrome. I’m not able to continue the research due to time constraints but I’ll happily look into this at a later time, I can’t promise when though :pensive:

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