[New Plugin] Compress PDF, JPEG or PNG

Hi everybody. I just published a new plugin that allows you to compress PDF, JPEG or PNG. You can compress the file either by uploading the file or with the file URL. The compressed file can then either be stored in your Bubble database or saved to your Amazon S3 bucket.

The option to save the your own S3 can help in case you have a lot of files/images that you need to save but don’t want to upgrade your Bubble plan. You’d need an account with CloudConvert to compress the files and they allow up to 25 free compressions each day.

How to use

  1. Create an account with https://cloudconvert.com/api/v2

  2. Copy the API key and paste it in the plugin settings.

  3. Use Action: Upload to upload the file to CloudConvert. It will return an ID. This will be used in the next call.

  4. Then Use Action: Compress to compress the file. Use ID returned by “Action: Upload” in this call. It will return its own ID. This will be used in the next call.

  5. Finally, Use Action: Download to download the file. Use ID returned by “Action: Compress” in this call.

In case the operation takes time, you can check the status of it using “Action: Status”. Just send the ID returned by that operation in this call.

Editor - https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=compress_images__cloud_&id=nocodeassistant-tutorials&tab=tabs-1

Plugin page - https://bubble.io/plugin/compress-pdf-jpeg-or-png-1596738246031x379438408660942850

Himanshu Sharma