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🔘 [Plugin] OpenSea SDK - by EzCode

All your responses are very helpful, thanks. I will have a look at the Opensea API

So with Metamask Web3, once I have a specific contract / token ID, how can i interact with the SDK to have others info ?


Check demo page, there are a lot of example with each action :slight_smile: You will find there a link to app editor to see how it works from the inside.

Hey on the Opensea API, seems like it can only be used through ETH Mainnet and Web3 Metamask only with ERC721 Token . Is there a solution to interact with semi fungible token on Polygon?

Thanks for the feedback, I did a research and looks like Opensea API doesn’t support Polygon yet…
Regarding the ERC721, I’ll look into what’s the issue there, should work for both type of NFTs.
Anyway, you could use the Read Smart contract action in the meantime if you know what is this and how it works of course.

Hi All,

Hope you are well,

I am currently having an issue with OpenSea SDK/API

I will try to be clear on how my App is working but let me know if anything is unclear:

  1. I am saving some NFT on my database (only token contract / token id)
  2. On an User Page (each user has his Blockchain address saved on the database): I want to show all the NFTs of this user (Using Get Assets by Owners Assets API on a Repeting Group) IF this NFT is saved on my database

But I am quite struggling to do that as I don’t see a way to filter OpenSea API results

Is there a way to do that?


It’s ok i have found the answer, i will not remove my message in case someone has the same issue:

In the repeting group data source you can filter Opensea api data with the function :filtered


Then you just need to filter Opensea Token ID Result with your database element


Hope this will help someone

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can I make the assets to be traded in my own currency (my contract)?

In theory yes, just use your contract address.
Do some tests on rinkeby network first.

Hi ! Hope you are well,
I’m struggling on a probably simple task

I am trying to show different NFT on a repeting group, as they don’t have the same parameters (ie differents contrats etc) i’m trying to do the following:

• I am saving contract address and token id on my data (as below)

Then with a API function Get Single Asset and Do search function i’m looking for assets saved on my data. But for some reason it’s not working

I’m +/- sure that i don’t do any mistake in my parameters because when i’m trying to have these NFT on a seperate group (ie one group to call item 1, another to call item 2 etc) it is working. But for some reason impossible to do the same thing on a repeting group

Is there a way to call a list of selected single assets on a repeting ?

Hope my question is clear

Thanks a lot for your help!!


Hi send me a link in PM to your app editor, I’ll take a look.

Sure will do that, thanks

Hi ! Is there a way to show assets from multiple collections (and not only one) ? thanks!

You could use “Get Collections by Wallet” from the API call and then filter the results with the collections that you need.

The point here is that i dont necessarely need the asset inside a specific wallet, if i need to show assets from different collections (or different contract address, would be the same at the end) to show them on a marketplace, can i still use the Collection by Wallet API ?

Apologies to bother on several points. I have another issue, when i am calling asset by contract, is there a way to filter the research before data are send by the API?
Basically, I am looking to have assets for contact X and then show only asset A, B, C with a Token ID filter
But as there is data limitation within the Opensea API (50 NFT max) i cannot do it because there is thousands of NFT within the contracts so NFT A, B, C metadata are not send by my API Request

So, I just spent some time catching up on the Rarible Protocol Discord, and what I gathered is that Polygon support should be fully implemented by early January. Is that right? And, if so, how long do you expect it will be before Polygon support is reflected in the @ezdev Rarible plugin?

Original Post:
Only tangentially related to this post, but I’m curious if @ezdev has considered building a plugin for NFTPort? They already support minting NFT’s on Polygon, and I’ve been considering using them for an upcoming build. If only Rarible would hurry up and roll out Polygon support! :joy:

Hey, firstly, I think you wrote in the wrong forum thread :smiley: Anyway, yes it should be done soon, however, it doesn’t mean it will be instantly ready in the SDK, it might need some time as well.
Regarding the other question, we are already working on that plugin :wink:

I assume you know the id of tokens A,B,C, why would you need to load all other assets from the contract? Use a different API call in this case, Get a single Asset, calling it for each id separately.
Or, if you want to load all available assets, I would recommend you to try the Rarible SDK plugin, but still, you will need to limit that somehow, I wouldn’t call all assets for every user separately that loads the page.

Yes you are right, I have all the tokens ID
I think it’s not possible to call Get a Single Asset API on a repeating list
For my understanding we cannot use a list state when using the Single Asset API (to call a list of Token ID). And as I am using a repeating list, the state of this API function (ie Token ID / Contract) cannot be changed on each boxes of this repeating group

But to be honest i would prefer to call the assets one by one rather than calling every assets and then filter the result. It will avoid to overcharge the API and will permit to make the app smoother

Hope my explanation are clear

You could do a custom state that will be a list of Single Asset like this:

and then, when setting the state, use the “plus item”