Plugin or ability to open a menu when pressing shift twice?

Our billing system has a handy shortcut where you double tap shift and a popup appears with a search box. Is there any way to do something similar in Bubble? Where I can trigger a popup to open, or even an input box on the page to grab focus etc, if I double press shift?

Pretty sure you can solve this with the Air Keyboard Shortcut plugin. The double-tap you’ll probably have to solve by using a state counting each click or something like that, but should be doable!

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Thank you SO much! This is perfect and does the job directly! You can actually just set the trigger as “shift shift” which does exactly the double shift press. Or can do “ctrl+shift” with a + vs a space that allows you to trigger when 2 buttons are held and so on, but it’s working perfectly the users love it. Thanks!

Ah, I didn’t know that. Glad it worked, and thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face: