Keyboard shortcuts

To what extent is it possible to use keyboard shortcuts to work with Bubble? I know i’ve seen some things in the release notes but can’t seem to find that again to check what that was exactly.

It would be nice to for example:

Select multiple elements using shift and arrow keys instead of clicking each element on the page

With creating or changing things it is possible to type and use the arrow keys to select items from the list but there seems to be no way to move to the next step in the mapping process.

This is the current process for me: click ‘Set another field’ > click > type or use arrow keys to select the item in the list > hit enter to select > click empty space in field > click Insert dynamic data > type or use arrow keys to select the next item > hit enter to select > click on Set another field for next item.

Would it be possible to replace some of those clicks with keyboard shortcuts? Like using ‘tab’ to move to the next item and selecting other buttons like Set another field?

I’m asking this because I work with Bubble a lot and start to develop some serious wrist issues… And maybe there are already shortcuts I’m not aware of, so if you know please share :smiley:


I would love to see more control over shortcuts. The shortcuts list lives in the editor’s help tab:

I’ve been experimenting with my Wacom tablet and the Vivaldi browser - unfortunately I’m too busy to spend too much time on the learning curve, but the idea sounds cool :smiley:


jeez how did I miss this! :astonished:

That is a great start, if there was a way to extend these that would be really great. If it should be a sponsored feature, I’m in too!

CMD + Click selects element under element : great! Maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to also select next and previous using CMD+Arrow?

I use shift + arrow to nudge my elements around a lot…recently I noticed some behavior in the editor that might be along those lines. I kind of ignored it, but I’m pretty sure it’s newish behavior.

along what lines? not sure what you mean…

I use (shift) arrow a lot for moving elements around although its harder to snap to the grid like that. In the end I just go into the elements edit and make sure the x and y axis are all aligned.

Hmm…can’t seem to reproduce it right now. So this last week or so, I’ve noticed that shift + arrow key, while moving the elements as normal, simultaneously highlights and cycles through the editor options.

It was very distinctive. I chalked it up to a future feature release.

Honestly, my favorite feature releases are the canvas specific ones. It’s where we spend most of our time, and it’s a quite sophisticated environment which, although J&E have done a fantastic job no doubt, could definitely be further refined.

I’d love to see an option to search for and automatically select elements, for example. I sometimes catch myself hunting too long for certain elements.

Also being able to customize the tree would be great. For example, removing certain elements I never or almost never use…and also regrouping/restructuring the element positions within the tree.

shrugs…all said and done, it’s still a fantastic UI and I love spending time in it.

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I’d like to actually point out (two years later :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) that this is actually not possible on windows :frowning:

It is on a mac but I no longer use it to develop in Bubble. Would be very nice to have back though!

We offer a lot of customization options WRT shortcuts in our extension.
Maybe this will help :slight_smile:


I would love to see more shortcuts. The current ones are good but there is potential for more. I too have wrist pain from over-clicking. Something simple like clicking enter when an element is selected to open the properties editor would be helpful. This may be too much to ask but placing numbers or letters next to the inputs in the property editor (or other panels with inputs) could be great to focus on that input. Reducing clicks is always a great thing in my opinion.