Plugin (or method) to detect when text has filled a textbox of a set size, and output the overflow?

I’m generating some rather complex multi-page PDF files using Zeroqode’s Bubble Page to PDF Converter. There are a number of text elements in this document that could be as small as a single line, or could be multiple pages long.

Is there a plugin (or any other way) that would automatically truncate a string such that it would fit inside the text box (essentially constrained to 8.5x11 page) and then output the overflow in a state so that I could create another 8.5x11 page and put the extra there, and continue to repeat?

Currently my best idea is to estimate using character counts, but I’m going to have to heavily underestimate to prevent the text from ever accidentally overflowing, which will mean it will usually look ugly.

Alternatively I could just have the textbox continually expand, but there are headers/footers on the document that need to be skipped over.

I could have those headers/footers fixed/“aligned to parent” to maintain their 8.5x11-ishness, but then the ever expanding textbox would just overlap/collide with them.

Thanks for any ideas!

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