Fill in an existing 50 page pdf with a bubble form


I need help to fill in a pdf.

I have a 50 page pdf that I would like to complete with a form I built on bubble. Anyone know how to use the outputs of the form to fill in the fillable parts of the pdf ?

Thanks a lot for your help

You probably have two options if your PDF doesn’t have a list that could “grow” in size like an invoice or something. IF it’s a set layout you could:

Get the Zeroqode PDF plugin, make a new page called “PDF” and put a picture of each page stacked one after the next. Then make the layout fixed and just put your text elements in the exact spots on the page where you want them to autofill.

Or recreate the entire forms layout in bubble with text elements and borders, etc and do the same thing with the PDF plugin.

You might have to do some testing with how big your elements have to be to fit to the page correctly.

Or you would have to go down the route of an external API like SelectPDF (plugin made by Bubble) but you have a monthly charge to use their service since all the processing is done on their end.

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