Plugin Page Link not working

I have hopefully a really easy question. I built a plugin for Bubble called OneSignal Push WV Gold which can be found when searching for plugins, however when I click the Plugin Page link on my plugin in the store it goes nowhere?

Hmm… this might be a bug, can you provide the link? I personally don’t see any Onesignal Plugin by Bubble.

Thanks @johnny but that is kind of my problem. Here is the link from the plugin page but you will see what happens when its clicked. It goes to the list of plugins instead of the page for my plugin. Plugins | Bubble

Here is the screenshot when I search in the Bubble Plugin store.

Hmm… very interesting. Maybe the plugin page was removed, or the plugin was removed from the author but wasn’t from the plugin store? I’d try contacting the plugin author.

Hi @johnny I am the plugin author. Thats what I’m trying to figure out.

Ohhh oops lol, check your plugin editor, is the plugin private?

I don’t believe so. Where would I see that?

Thanks for the help @johnny Bubble just got back to me. For reference for anyone.

Thanks for reaching out about this issue with your plugin’s page. This occurs because you have not filled out the seller info on your account. This can be modified at -> Marketplace. Be sure to fill in seller name and other details. After doing so, you should be able to see your plugin on This will also result in the plugin page link being valid.