Publicly published plugin does not show up in the Plugins webpage


I’ve published a plugin, IPFS Add from URI, with MIT license, and can install the plugin in my App.

But I can not find it on the Plugins webpage. If I click the plugin’s link directly, I will be redirected to the Plugins webpage.

Do I miss any step, or is it a bug in Bubble? Thanks!

After contacted the Bubble Support team, I got a suggestion which works for me:

Thank you for reaching out! By chance, have you defined the entirety of your seller profile in your account settings? If you’re missing some of these fields, your plugin may not show in our marketplace until they have been filled out.

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Your plug-in looks great. Can you please tell us if it is possible to mint NFT’s with it straight from bubble?

@alirezaroyaie2 It’s fantastic that you like the IPFS plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

I have implemented a plugin for minting NFT and am using it personally. To make users can integrate the plugin easily, I’m designing the interface, and please stay tuned!