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👻 [Plugin] Phantom - Solana Wallet by EzCode

I got this error, Anything to fix here?
Screenshot 2022-05-10 132037

Make sure you have inserted the wallet to send to correctly.
Do a step by step and see if the parameters are correct.

Double checked that the wallet being sent to is a valid wallet, and the parameters are correct.

ok, now i have it all. valid token adress, walid receiver wallet. The connect to wallet works but when i try to send a token (USDT) it doesn’t do anything. Is there some documentation for this plugin? about 2 weeks ago i contacted EZCode and got no valid response

This plugin looks great. The possibility to send SPL tokens from one wallet to another one is key. Stupid question here, but just to make sure: the sender needs to have a phantom wallet, but the receiver can have any wallet - is this correct?

Two important points that I have to consider: I need this plugin to be reliable and secure. Looking at the comments, I have the impression that updates keep impacting workflows. Is this plugin going to receive continuous support?

Yes, but it must be a wallet on Solana blockchain.

Yes of course! For example, this is the history of updates of this plugin:

If there are any break-changes in the update, we always write a warning here and in the Discord channel.
Note that we even have a separate Discord channel, for users of our plugins, for support and communication :wink:

Hi @mihai.soare
Firstly, this plugin is now in NovaBloq team :wink:
If you receive no response, it may happen that we somehow missed your message. You can contact me in PM any time.

Make sure you have enough amount of tokens in your wallet (more than you want to send).
Make sure the amount you want to send is not 0 or empty.
And lastly, make sure that your plugin is on the latest version (now it is 1.5.1)

Update: v.1.6

New Feature: Load All NFTs in a wallet!


Other changes:

  • As you know, the API call “Get SOL Balance” was deprecated for the last 3 updates (there was a warning in the name of this api), we have removed it completely now.
    Use plugin element action instead (see Get Sol Balance on demo page)

Update: v.1.7

New feature: Get All Tokens in Wallet and their balance


“Disconnect” does not work. It logs out, but if it refresh page, it comes back connected.

This happens on your demo site too. How to solve?

Hi, thanks for reporting, there was a bug causing this.
We have fixed it and pushed an update.