Thinking about integrating Solana Blockchain with Bubble

I’ve got some experience in working in Crypto, Blockchains, Ethereum, and Solana.

Solana is another blockchain platform that uses a different consensus mechanism than Ethereum, and can do much faster transactions at much lower transaction costs.

I’m looking to integrate Phantom App as a Plugin:

Anyone interested in building Apps on the Solana Blockchain Platform?

Willing to build it, if people would find it useful.


Yes I’d definitely interested in building Solana apps and integrating the Phantom wallet via your plugin


RPC API to rest API something like that…??
Would love some blockhain integration :fire:
Love the work ,keep it up @bubble💎

At this something, likely something more simple like a wallet integration. Seems like there are still some lower hanging fruit to be taken care of before we dive into the lower-level integrations.

Any ideas on how you’d use it?

Agree transaction processing would be great. There’s also alot of opportunity in the NFT space too for a simple marketplace with CRUD functionality on buying/selling/listing NFTs. Not sure how easy any of that is though!

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I would love a more full fledged plug-in to create/deploy contracts as well as interacting with contracts and facilitating transactions.

That’s particularly where I’m focusing today. I’ll keep you posted when I launch something…

Have you specifically used Solana for any NFT tinkering?

JayM are you trying to deploy contracts on Ethereum or Solana? And which types of contracts are you hoping to deploy?

I, mainly, ask the second question because it seems that a lot of the functionality most people are requesting could be done without deploying their own contracts and mostly relying on existing infrastructure.

But, I’d love to understand how what you might be thinking about could be different?

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Not yet, been watching the space and tinkered on ethereum. But looking to switch most/all my efforts to Solana. Why?

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:heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign: on using it, was just spiking on this earlier today and while i don’t have exp w/ solidity, stoked on it + lmk know how we can support.

another thot… this could be fun to put together drop it like a dao + produce the plugin for the ignition hackathon Solana is doing


Yes, extremely interested. I would like to implement Solana NFT’s in an application


I would be interested also in using it!

We are making a marketplace focus on 3d, main point is not nft’s but we are exploring this area as our users are most 3d artist.

And the fact it’s in Solana Blockchain it’s even better! :slight_smile:


Yes please!! For sending NFTs

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Thanks for everyone’s interest! I’ve got a working prototype with Phantom Wallet to integrate the Solana blockchain, reply here if you’d like to get access and I can learn more about your use case.

Feel free to DM me directly as well.

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@EntropyT This is a really good idea.

I came across this plugin and was wondering if your plugin differs from this in any way? 👻 [Plugin] Phantom - Solana Wallet by EzCode - #7 by play-links

My use case is using Phantom for e-commerce checkout.

Hey LifeofMLE,

I was at one point working on the Phantom - Solana Wallet. But, currently do not have it deployed. Was there something specifically you were looking for that you were unable to achieve through that plugin?

@EntropyT for me I think the plugin does what I would need it to do which is send tokens from one wallet to another.

All good! I was checking to see if you were trying to tackle this from different angle.

Could someone elaborate on how to go about adding my app to Solana Blockchain? I want to link this app along with my project.