Plugin publication - authentication API call failed


I’m trying to create a plugin to handle my authentication to Azure AD, it works in my app using my ‘testing’ plugin.

The issue comes when I try to publish my plugin, I can’t because “The authentication flow has not been tested yet, please do this first.”

When I try to authenticate inside the API Calls tab I receive without any details “There was an issue testing the authentication flow, please check your settings.
bad request from client”

Using exactly the same parameters inside Postman is working like a charm, what can be the reason of this error ? How can I get details about the error ?

The only thing I can get is
“error_class”: “ClientError”,
“args”: {
“code”: “1675260373556x433236054982427900”
“message”: “Invalid request: see error code for details”

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The azure ad auth can be complex, is it because the bearer token has expired? I seem to remember they only last an hour.

The exact same configuration is working inside PostMan, and I used a clean browser to be 100% sure to get a new token.

Moreover, my plugin is working perfectly in testing mode in a Bubble App, I can just not publish my plugin.

In azure portal can you see the request log?

Aside from setup, it could be related.

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