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🔁 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Conditional Redirect

:repeat: Plugin redirects to an external URL when a certain event happens

This is a small straightforward plugin having 2 modes to conditional redirect to an external URL.

:fire: Features & Documentation

:arrow_right: Mode 1

Plugin action that can be used in Workflow when a certain event happens. Ex.: Redirect to an external URL if current URL contains a certain substring (or simply on page load):

:arrow_right: Mode 2

Element “Redirect”. Add it to your page and provide “Condition” and “URL” fields. Once “Condition” becomes true, you will be redirected to provided URL:

Check the demo for a better understanding.

:link: Demo | Editor

:link: Plugin Page:

:books: Full Description, Documentation & Screenshots:

Feel free to post your questions, feature requests and bug reports :beetle: here!

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What is the difference between this plugin and just making a workflow run when a condition is met then opening an external website?




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Can this plugin be used on a backend workflow?

Hi @parris.gjerde and thank you for your interest in our plugin!

It doesn’t work on the server side because it redirects the website’s visitor (client-side)