Plugin Showcase: OTP Input Element by CitizenDev

Hi Bubblers, we have released a new Free Plugin called OTP Input. This plugin aims to enhance the experience of building OTP input flow on Bubble.

Check out this input in action: OTP Input Demo

A few key features of the OTP Input:

  • Customizable. You can change most of the appearance attributes on those components. Those appearance attributes can be included in a reusable Style so you can have consistently designed OTP Inputs across the app.
  • Responsive. We make sure that the input cells are spaced out evenly and take up space appropriately.
  • Developer experience optimized. We take good care to display the input in the editor, so you can see it in your own layout.

We would really love to get more feedback from you to further improve this plugin. Please let us know in the comment how this plugin can be updated to fit your use case.