[NEW PLUGIN] Ultimate Input - Super Text Field + Text Area + Animations, Formatting & Validation

Hi everyone,

I have just released a new plugin that offers tons of functionality for styling and working with input fields / areas, formatting & validation. Please report any issues / questions you have below!

:link: Live Demo + Documentation
:link: Editor
:link: Plugin Page

A robust input field with all of bubble’s native capabilities and more. Featuring stunning styles, unlimited customization, tons of add ons, and advance validation and formatting. This is the last input plugin you will need for your bubble app!

:white_check_mark: Completely Customizable
:white_check_mark: Tons of Formats + Build your own format
:white_check_mark: Instant Validation + Build your own Validation
:white_check_mark: Character Counter
:white_check_mark: Advanced Customization Options
:white_check_mark: Responsive
:white_check_mark: Date + Time
:white_check_mark: Leading + Trailing Icons
:white_check_mark: Text Area + Resizer
:white_check_mark: Helper Text
:white_check_mark: Formatted and Unformatted Values
:white_check_mark: & Much More!


This looks interesting. Can this be used for rich text? Does it output BBCode?

Not asking for that feature, just trying to understand this better.

Love the UI that’s possible with this btw. Really slick.

woah, super good questions & ideas. I gotta look into making that possible. as of now it does not accept rich text or bb code. I can see it accepting BB code but rich text will be a challenge especially considering single line / text area inputs.

Yeah totally get it, just been looking at rich inputs lately so it was on my mind.

I think you have something great here on it’s own, rich text may be a distraction.

Do these inputs work with all the normal Bubble input functionality? Like “input changed”, “is focused”, “clear relevant inputs”, etc?

Yes! They do work if you bind to a bubble input field using the ‘Custom’ option.

Hi Folks,

Sorry, there seemed to be some trouble listing the plugin on the marketplace initially. It should be all set now to install!