[New plugin] Mention Input

Hi guys,

I am from CitizenDev team. Our goal this year is to create a bunch of atomic elements plugins, that overcomes limitations of Bubble’s native atomic elements.

We have just released a paid plugin recently, called Mention Input. There are a few mention input plugins on the market, however, this one is more powerful as it allows the users to mention not just other users but also any kind of tags or objects in the system (e.g. mentioning a task in a task management system).

We have a few other free plugins such as Password Input or Toggle that are free. You guys should totally check them out as well.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.
Thank you


Any plans to allow customization of the UI? I don’t use any of the other ones because I can’t show a picture of the person being tagged and customize the font to match my app.

You should be able to see the profile picture in the dropdown. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, could you elaborate it a bit more?
And yes we will consider the change of font style.

Hi @rod.danan, plugin builder here. We already have a solution for displaying an image of Things you would like to tag, you just need to fill in the Avatar field. We neglect to include the link to the demo page of the plugin, but this has always been possible.

As for extra customization of the plugin, we definitely need to add more customization property for the element. Let us know what you have in mind for customization and we can quickly update it.

If you are still hesitant, drop me a line at an.tran@citizendev.io and I can give you a trial period for the element, and you can buy it afterward if it does serve your use-case.