Plugin - slidable menu, connecting elements

Hi everyone,

i’ve got a problem, but i guess is pretty easy for you to solve (i’m very new to bubble).
I have installed the plugin ‘‘slidable menu’’ and inserted in the header. I’ve already set the conditions, so it appears only if width of the page is at mobile level, and it works free.

I just don’t know how to connect the options i inserted for the plugin to the destination pages.

I found a new option in the workflow, but can’t find anywhere the list of options i wrote so i can connect each to the right destination page.

Can someone please help me? am i missing something?

Thank you in advance


You create a Workflow to do something when a certain option from the slidebar menu is clicked. Like this:

Inside that Workflow, you can key off the different slidebar menu options. In this example, there are 2 menu options (“Go to Index” and “Go to Dashboard”) and they are configured to do just what you’d expect:

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It works, thank you so much! :wink:

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