Editable input elements in a table or container

Is it possible to replicate the attached screen in bubble - Editable table containing rows with input elements such as text, dropdown, with the functionality to add rows and then save all of the rows as separate records. I’m familiar with using containers to display repeating group but this is related to using rows in a table like interface instead of a “form” to input and save data or one row at a time. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I think there is a plugin…search plugins for data tables or some other keyword to check what is available.

Otherwise if you want to attempt yourself you could. Might be a real pain to get responsiveness but if that isn’t an issue and will use only on desktop you can do it using a repeating group.

Just set up the repeating group to reference the datatype you store all the data in. Then set up the r.g. to have all the different columns needed and the input elements and drop downs etc.

After that you will set up the workflow to add new thing on button press, that new thing would be the datatype used as the datasource for the r.g.

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Sorry was away from the site due to the holidays. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Going with r.g. to make it happen.
Did come across an “excel table” plugin which is not something I need at the moment but thought I’d mention it for our future reference.

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