[plugin update] social media posting via Ayrshare

We published a tutorial explaining how to add social media posting capabilities to your Bubble app.

The tutorial covers the main topics that we get the most questions on:

  • Create a post with an image.
  • Schedule a post.
  • Select a social network destination, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Send the post to the selected social networks via Ayrshare’s API.
  • Save the request and response in the database.
  • Get the historical and scheduled post list.
  • Delete the post.

Has ANYONE had success using this plugin?

Nope, support just said that “problems with posting is due to an incorrect quote or formatting of text or arrays.” Which is not the case, since I’ve made sure everything is correct.

We have many clients using Bubble as their software environment and providing social media connectivity to their users. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Ayrshare support to get help.

As we wrote in the plugin and in our detailed Bubble instructions, we also recommend that you user the API connector and connect to the Ayrshare endpoints directly rather than using the plugin. The plugin is available to showcase a very simple use case demo.


Best of luck!