Plugins and Performance

So as I am smoothing out my app I am considering to get a couple new plugins including the editable data table and the paint/signature pad. However I am also very concerned about performance.

Is there a way we can determine how much a particular plugin will slow down loading speeds? Is there a way to mitigate these effects? Can we see how much “weight” a particular plugin will have in terms of the app?

Any information or experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

@Bradluffy - you may want to reach out to the plugin developer to see if they have any performance info for you. I haven’t used those plugins so can’t comment about their impact to performance (if any).

Secondly - here’s a snippet from this “Performance” thread from Josh:

“Plugins sometimes affect page load speed even if you aren’t using them. We often have to include the javascript to run the plugin as part of the page’s javascript whether or not you actually need that plugin, so my recommendation is if you know you aren’t using a plugin, to uninstall it.”

Here’s the full thread as there are other performance considerations you find useful:

Lastly - you may want to check out Cloudflare.

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