Speed & performance

How can I find out which plugins are slowing down my app?

Also, how can I find out which other things are slowing down my app vs. which things are not?

Thank you!

All plugins are slowing down your app (and I believe they are still loaded on every page, even if not used on that page). Any time you can remove a plugin, you should.

In general, the best way to optimize your app and its performance is to follow the advice of the master, @petter. If you intend to do anything semi-serious in Bubble his book The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Performance | Buy The Book and really everything he writes, whether on his site or on the forum, are must reads. To start, you can check out these tips on the matter.

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Hey @intrascopellc :wave:

I would suggest duplicating your app if you can just as a backup.

This is how I would go about seeing which plugin is slowing down my app. I would delete all of my plugins and test the app to see if it is faster. Then press undo to slowly add the plugins back into my app and test the app each time until it slows down. Then you will find your culprit.

Does that make sense? :blush:

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