Plugins being made open source: what does that mean?

I have heard some plugin creators say that, if they were ever to dissolve their companies, or otherwise be unable to manage their plugins, they would make them open source.

But what does that practically mean for users of those plugins? I don’t know anything about how a plugin is created or managed, so if I am using a plugin that goes open source , what would it look like for me to continue using it?

It just means paid plans removed launched free, where users can fork & edit the code and make their own copies.


you can check this out now with free plugins. you can go to the plugin page and use the fork plugin button to create your own version of it.

In terms of what it means when the plugin developer says they will make it open source, I think you’d be having to rebuild the existing functions in your app that used the paid version of the plugin if you wanted to use the open source version you’d create by forking…but realistically I don’t think you would need to do anything because Bubble is supposed to keep the plugin intact in your app.

Recently there were some plugins removed from the plugin marketplace that I had installed in my app…nothing happened to the functionality of the plugin in my app and it continues to work.