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Transferring a Commercial plugin to Open Source

Hi! Everyone, I have developed a plugin which got approved as a Commercial one. But I don’t want it to be commercial anymore and want it to be Open source for the community to use it for FREE. Or otherwise i want to change it to Private and publish a newer version of it as Open source, but I am unable to figure out

"How exactly you can change a commercial plugins License? "

You could fork the plugin, then publish as public. Although, I imagine you probably thought about that there’s a reason you didn’t just go ahead and do that already.

You mean forking the code and publishing a new one with Open Source License, yeah i already thought about it but it will then make the current users lose the access to that plugin and maybe they cant know that the plugin is published as Open source as an other plugin, and they will face inconvenience due to it.

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create a new update and say that its free now under a different name