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Plugins for database

Good night.
I have been testing several plugins to perform search quickly.
They work perfectly.

All work by configuration via search box.

I need to open a page with data coming from the database, there is a plugin that speeds up data loading without the need to go through the search via search box.

Dirceu Azevedo

Does it take a long time to load a single piece of data in your app?

From the sounds of it you are searching for some thing and then redirecting to a page that would display that item. If that’s the case you should be able to search for the item and send the items unique ID to the resulting page. You could send the resulting pages type to be the same database type of the thing you’re sending.

My structure.
I read 2 tables from the database to build the home page.

Use 3 of the serach for and links this.

Then I go to the second page taking the parameters.

I select the desired item on the second page by id to show the item details.

The problem is that the first and second pages are slow to load.

The third page, which is the item detail, is quick.

Program and C# Dot net, there we leave the homepage in the server’s memory for a few moments. The user who comes next already finds the page in the server’s memory. It gets too fast.

Is it the pages that are slow to load or your search results.

Slow page loading could be due to a lot of dynamic data but it should still be relatively fast to pull text and compressed photos from the dB (serving them from cloudinary may be a better option)

Do you have several plugins on that page? That can slow down page load times too

The page loads fast.

Returning data from the database that is sluggish.

I don’t use plugins on the page.