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Plugins & Workflows Fault

Plugins and workflows have gone offline again
anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Plugins and Workflows working for me.

Yep, same here

Same problem here. Got a network lost pop-up couple of times and now I can’t see any plugin workflows

Because this was such a mess in the forum the other day, I am going to err on the side of caution and ping @bubble, @josh, and @sam.morgan now. Heads up, folks.

all good now

that was quick

We aren’t seeing any widespread issues associated with this at this time - but as always, bug reports are the best way to let us know that something is happening with your app.

Its always okay to ask the forum or flag things here if you already have a bug report in, but as a general practice make sure that you submit the bug report first!

The only way we know for sure that something widespread may be occurring is if we get a flood of bug reports and can investigate the specific details of each one to find patterns.

Let me know if anyone is still having ongoing issues!


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