Workflows Vanished but Working

Am i missing something, several of my workflows… which are still working… are not visible any longer? Can not access them.

I feel like the only way to fix this is to completely delete the elements they are attached to and redo it

Hey @ryan, I think there might be something weird going on with shared cluster ATM. A little earlier today, I experienced something not entirely dissimilar. (While working on a plugin, changes to the plugin’s code we’re not being reflected in the test app, no matter what I did. Had to create a new page to futz with the in-development plugin where changes were being recognized. I’ve not filed any formal bug report yet, as it’s not clear to me how to reproduce, but you might wanna file one on your issue, if restarting you machine and reloading editor does not resolve the problem.)

yea there seems to be some wonky things going on as of late… i cant seem to get the workflows back… i think i may have to delete and redo to gain access

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