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Plurals in App Data

Data being things in bubble poses some grammatical issues. A field that defines data plurals would be helpful.

or probably easier

So we can avoid having to explain this to clients and investors:

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A nickname feature might make more sense. Some way to “mask” the types name without it affecting anything else within the app. That may be helpful for apps with lots of different things…

Would the mask be an automated process?

No. In essence it’d be the same thing you’re suggesting, if I understand your idea right.

Essentially you’re saying that we could append or redact the plural of a thing, right? In effect just changing the appearance of the thing, for purposes of presentation?

If that’s the case then we could, instead of only making plural or not plural, change the entire name - you could make it plural or not or change it for other purposes such as organization. That way it could be useful for a broader range of cases.

If I’m understanding you understanding me, ( :slight_smile: ) the result of what you’re describing would be appear to the user in the public apps developed in bubble.

I’m just suggesting bubble overlords add a new field to their structure so it can be called where appropriate within their app.

This change would be seen by developers only, and only when describing data in context. For client-user experience, your idea is far better.

The intent of this change is to make bubble easier for the people who buy apps from developers. Even more so than with WP, our clients are going to believe a monkey can do what we do. Our art is more subtle. So as devs always do, we’ll all sell support hoping it never gets used. like my gym membership.

The less we hear from confused beneficiaries of our work, the more money we make.

This is the type of thing that confuses said beneficiaries and chews on our do-nothing support profit margins:

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Hmmm…yes, yes I see…and agree. The wording could definitely be better.

This is a common problem when you use convention type modeling. And some systems do let you override the default convention plural name and in some instances (e.g. Entity Framework) you can turn off automatic pluralization altogether and simply refer the singular name.

However, one thing you can tell your clients to avoid the awkward conversation is that the extra ‘s’ actually means ‘set’ as in dataset to signify a collection. So ‘People’ is the single entity and ‘Peoples’ is a set of People entity objects. Some might believe you :slight_smile:

Setting the data type name to be the single Thing (so book or vehicle or User) makes things clearer.

So you get Book’s Title rather than Books’s Title as well.

Interested in why this doesn’t work.

I think the root of the problem here is the English language.
Book, => Books
Dog => Dogs
Goose => Geese (not Gooses)
Mongoose => Mongooses
virus => viruses (not viruss)

It is purely a cosmetic readability thing. I would not introduce the complexity to fix it or provide overrides doesn’t seem worth the hassle to introduce the risk, I would rather carry the technical debt. Not knowing how the Bubble system is built, so not sure how complex it would be to implement, it might be a relatively easy thing to do, in which case, it might be easily fixed now before system gets too big!

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I think they chances of having a data type (which is what we are setting up, types not tables or sets or collections hence singular) of “Goose” rather than “Animal” are pretty slim :slight_smile:

Don’t disagree about Virus but just call it VirusDetail and that sorts it simply.

I work in Insurance, where “Lloyd’s” (the Insurance market) is the correct name for it. Try writing documents about “The Lloyd’s’s Systems” and you quickly get used switching stuff around to avoid double apostrophes.