Resizing Property Editor

Good day Gents.
I’m sure there’s a simple solution to my problem, just that my simple mind couldn’t figure it out yet…
When doing record updates the name strings are quite long, to the point where I have to guess what field I’m linking to. If there a way to expand the editor so I can see more text? Sample below.
Guess I should also say, other than renaming every element I have on screen to a shorter name…

The earliest tip I learned about Bubbling was the importance of naming. I highly, highly recommend coming up with a naming scheme that works for you, it’ll save so much pain later.

When one of my apps got too complex, I actually sat down for 12 hours to go through every element and assign a proper name. It sucked, but was a million percent worth it.

Not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the path I recommend.


This might be useful in relation to naming elements - keeping things short but sweet.

Well then thanks for everyone’s inputs. A bit of a damper on speed but I guess as complexity increase it’ll be worth it.