PNG Images always display as JPEG unless transparent

So the title pretty much sums it up. I noticed the PNG images I was displaying as a cover image on my site (2000x400) looked much blurrier than the photo stored in my database. I download it and it has turned into a JPEG file.

This happens with or without :processing with imgix. Also happens if you set the file type in the imgix settings to PNG. If your database PNG contains at least 1 transparent pixel it will show as a PNG on the front end. Applying a circle mask with imgix “fixes” this too, as it makes the PNG transparent in the cornes.

How to reproduce:

  1. Upload PNG to database
  2. Display PNG using image element
  3. Go to frontend, download image, downloaded file is JPEG.

This happens to all my images, i reproduced this multiple times. Has anyone else experienced this? Seems like a pretty big deal, as PNG images with text get ugly JPEG artifacts in them.

I’m wondering if someone at @Bubble can comment on this, too.

have you tried changing output density?

Does not change anything, why would it?

Worked for me when my images were displaying blurry / not full resolution.

I’m not talking about blurriness or resolution. I’m saying images display as JPEG when they are not supposed to. I’m surprised no one has brought it up before, seems like a pretty big bug.

Seems like you are…

A by-product of the bug, not the bug itself.

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