Podcast Season 1 Finale - Founders Interview

Hello everyone,

We just released the finale episode of our podcast, for the last interview @mariel.vargas interviewed Josh and I. It was a very fun conversation, hope you’ll guy enjoy it!



Thank you @emmanuel and @josh! It was fun to chat :slight_smile:

Timestamps here:
01:11 where did you guys meet?

02:44 did you guys have a testing period?

03:49 how did Josh explain the idea to you? Emmanuel, what made you excited about the idea?

6:10 who were your first users?

7:40 Bubble’s homepage in 2012

7:59 what type of events did you find users? where would you find users now?

9:09 rejection is part of the process

10:45 why did you wait to raise capital?

12:45 in 2012, no code was not cool at all

13:54 when did you realize Bubble was working and ready for capital?

15:26 what did you first do with the funding?

17:00 how did you know the MVP was ready?

18:22 how have you seen the nocode landscape evolve? where do you see it headed?

20:15 how much of the software development market will nocode/Bubble tools own?

23:32 revolution and decentralization of software development

25:03 what keeps you up at night?

28:25 how do you use Bubble internally?

30:27 custom SaaS and benefits for small businesses

33:19 speed and performance improvements

35:38 responsive improvements

37:44 enhancements Josh and Emmanuel are excited about

41:42 Bubble app stories and final thoughts