Pop Up vs Floating Group

Please could somebody explain the reason behind not being able to display RG data in a Floating Group, but only in a Pop Up. I set up the exact same structure for both as a test. The PU works perfectly, the FG simply does not show.


You most certainly can display RG data in a floating group, so I’m not sure what you mean…

Can you elaborate on the issue… or share some more info (screenshots or editor links)…

Hi Adam

I have a popup triggered by a menu icon inside a repeating group. The workflow Displays Data "Parent group’s Product (the icon is within a group), then show PU. The Popup Type of contact is set to Product. When I click the icon the PU works as expected.

I set up the exact same structure but using the FG as the element and no dice. Strange

“no dice” in what sense?..

The workflow doesn’t run?
The workflow runs, but the FG doesn’t display?
The FG displays, but it doesn’t have any data?
The FG appears with data in it, but nothing displays inside it?
Or something else entirely?

It’s pretty hard to guess what you’re doing wrong without knowing specifically what’s actually going wrong…

If you’re not sure, then use the debugger to check… or share some more detailed info about what’s actually happening (ideally including some screenshots and/or a link to your editor) if you want someone to be able to diagnose the issue…

Is the menu icon within a reusable and the reusable placed inside the repeating group? If so then you won’t be able to call the floating group directly from the reusable. Floating groups can only live at the page level and a reusable is its own self-contained black-box that has no knowledge of the page it sits in eg floating groups.

There is a way around it by setting a custom state on the reusable that changes when they click the menu icon and, on the page, have “Do when condition is true” event which is listening for when the custom state on the reusable changes and then opens up the floating group.

If you’re not using a reusable, then please post some more information as Adam suggested and we can maybe advise further.

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Hi Adam / Gazinhio Thanks for the response.

It seems that the admin area needed a restart. I also noticed that I was not able to change the opacity of background fills…a ghost in the machine, but it works as expected after restarting the whole backend.