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Sending data to floating group from inside a reusable element

Hi, I hope someone in here can help me.
I have a reusable element in a repeating group that I’m using as a menu for each repeating item.
Think of a three-dotted menu. I have a button in there to “edit” the element from the repeating group.

I would now like to open a floating group that contains the data from the repeating group. However, I can’t send the data through via the repeating group. Any ideas how I could solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t use a floating group and instead use a popup.

Put the popup into the reusable element. Then when you setup the workflows to show the popup with the data you can use the action to send data and send it to the popup.

Thanks a lot. I’d like to use a floating group though because the popup doesn’t provide the styling options that I need.

What are the style options you need that the floating group provides and the popup doesn’t?

Mostly styling options. For instance, I would like to have it floating on the right side of the screen and be animated in a certain way. The popup however can only stay in the center of the screen. Not quite the UX that I’m going for.

You could use some custom css to apply it to the popup. Have you used custom CSS in Bubble before?

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