Populate dropdown based on another dropdown's value?

Hey team,

Need some help with dropdown default values. Basically, in one drop down, a user can select two options. Based on the option they select, I would like to have a specific option set available for selection in my second dropdown box.

See this loom video for example.


Hi there, @jt11… you can leave the Choices Source empty on the Appearance tab for the second dropdown, and you would add 2 conditionals to that dropdown. Each conditional would specify when the first dropdown’s value is a particular value (one condition for the first value and one condition for the second value), define the choices source as the appropriate option set. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hey Mike, thanks so much! That’s just what I needed!


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Hey Mike, actually do have one more question for you. I did this and ended up getting an error.

Looks like it wont let me use both option sets in the same dropdown. Any idea how to resolve? Here is the error message/conditions setup.


Ah, damn… that’s my bad, @jt11… you can’t conditionally change the type of choices, so it won’t work with two option sets. That being said, you can put all of the states in one option set, and then you can do what I described in this post to get the desired result. So, take a look and see if it makes sense.

All good! Im not sure that makes sense, though. Are you saying I should delete one of the option sets and combine it into the other? Or is there a cleaner way to do this?

Yup, that’s what I am saying. If you have all of the states in one option set, you can either add an attribute to that option set to associate each state with the appropriate option in the Purchase Type option set or you can add an attribute (list) to the Purchase Type option set and associate a list of states with each option in that set.

Ohhhhh ok I think I see what you’re saying. Ok, thanks Mike!!

Hi there. I’m very new to Bubble and I’m having a similar problem and I just can’t get this to work, even with the solution listed below. This seems like such an easy thing to code and yet I’m totally lost. Can you please provide an example of the conditional statements you’d write to make these dropdowns work?

For example, I have two dropdowns Category and Item and I’d like the Items dropdown to dynamically load based on the Category selection. I’ve got two option sets (one for category and one for options, based on this forum posting) and I’ve set an attribute to the Item option set to include Category (using the data form the category option set). I’ve attributed each Item to a Category. I am assuming I’ve done this correctly? Could you help me code the conditions for this dropdown? I’ve been at this for weeks and I just cannot figure it out. I’m about to tear my hair out!

Also, which are better for this task: option sets or data sets?

Thank you.

Oh, I figured it out! Thanks!