Populate repeating group based on list returned from plugin


I’ve built a custom plugin that calls an API which returns multiple elements. I’m looking for a way to populate a repeating group with this list of elements.
Been reading on this forum now for quite a while. I believe I need to create a list of Things to display the results in a repeating group. Thing is, I can’t find how to create multiple Things based on a single API call? For simplicity, say my plugin returns the following:


How can I display both these entries in my app?

Hello! You should be able to set your API call to “Data” (as opposed to “action”), and use it as a data source for your repeating group to display the data.

If you run into any trouble with this, please do shoot us an email at support@bubble.io so that we can further assist!

Thanks Eve! I’m looking into this and think it might solve my issue.