Plugin problem or bug?

I created a plugin that has multiple api calls (each call is duplicated: one is used as Data, the other as Action) but in the applications that use the plugin (in the elements dropdown that allow the choice of a Type of content) only the Types of content related to api Data calls are available. This means that you can not use an action to populate a Repeating Group because the content types do not match. Is it normal or is it a bug??

Thanks in advance

Can anybody help me?

some of the expert users, like @romanmg @dan1 @keith , can help me understand this question?
thank you so much

While I don’t currently have a tip for you on the issue you brought up, I suggest that you add more details to it, explaining in details specifically what have you tried, what do you want to achieve and possibly screenshots and/or a view link to your plugin, that usually help people better understand and answer.

No guarantees anyway, but it helps.

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