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Repeating group with more than one API call plugin

Hi there,

I’m trying to display more than one API conector call results (not a predefined API) within the same repeating group without creating things.

What I basically do is triggering different API calls’ results with a “plugin” action (previously created with the API connector) with different workflows and displaying them in different repeating groups (so I don’t create a thing -table- to save the results, I just display them based on the user’s input) but I don’t see how I can diplay the results from the different API results within the same repeating group.

Is that even possible?

Thanks very much.

Yeah, you could load the data to 2 different repeating groups, or store it as a list of things in a custom state. Then have the main repeating group you’re using reference the the values from the other repeating groups or custom states and merge them together.

Additionally, Bubble added a data load capability so you can load lots of data through the API into the database quickly now. So, that could be an option too.

Thanks very much for your quick replay @sridharan.s

The thing is that I can’t put more than 1 API call in the repeating group “type of content” field.

How can I do to reference a repeating group to more than one other repeating group?

Thanks very much

API Call 1 --> RG1
API Call 2 --> RG2

Then, set RG 3 = RG1’s list of things merged with RG2’s list of things.

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Ok, thanks very much.

Now I’m embarrased for asking this: when I create the RG3, in the data source field I select the RG1’s list of results merged with… and then I can’t find the RG2’s list of results. I believe this is because in the ‘type of content’ field I only can select one API call.

Really sorry to ask these stupid and simple questions but I’ve been trying from yesterday…


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Hi again,

I’m still struggling with this issue.

I want to display the data from 2 API calls into the same repeating group but I can’t find the way. I just can’t crate a RG and the source be the RG1 merged with RG2 because it won’t let me choose the results from more than 1 API call.

All this because I don’t won’t to create a thing (data table), I just want to display the data right from the API call results, without storaging the data. I’d like appending two tables but without storaging the data first.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much

Hi @Rudo,

How do you relate the two call results together?

You can help determine this by setting up some example results and the end result for each.

Hi Rudo, have you found a solution, I have a very similar problem

Try reading through this as it might help you here