How to update text box on button click

Hi there, i am quite new to and cannot figure out how to implement following scenario:
I have a repeating group with rows containing a text and a button in each row. Then there is also a empty text box below the repeating group.
When i press on button in a row i want the text (in a row) to be displayed in a text box.
Any ideas how to implement it?

On the button go to the workflow, and under elements select SET STATE. Then for the object to set the state on, choose your text box (or the group that it is in, or even your whole page), then name the state something and populate it with the value from your groups current item.

Now tell the text box to display the value of that set state. Done!

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Mm…i have done the first part, but the tricky part for me is
“Now tell the text box to display the value of that set state”
how to do this?
On text box properties i have “Initial Content” and “Content Format” fields. The new state is not available there for selection. Moreover “initial content” - is it only for initialisation on load?

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In my test it updates itself. Check it out:

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