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Populating Multi Dropdowns - Dropdowns [Resolved]

Hello Bubble World,

I am new to Bubble here, I have an app that requires categories and sub-categories.
I have searched the forum but unable to find info.

I am looking to be able to pick a category from a dropdown, and then in another dropdown the co-ordinating list of sub-categories will populate based on the category picked…

Thank you in advance,

App Link Here

Hi @arjun.kumar21,

Welcome to Bubble! If you have a State field (type state) under the City data type , you can set the city dropdown’s source to Search for Cities with a constraint: State=State dropdown’s value.

Basically you’re filtering cities by the state that was selected in the first dropdown, which means each city record needs a state field. This field could be a State type (which I recommend) or just a text field to store the name of the state - just need to ensure your state name spellings in the state records match the spellings in the state field value for cities.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can also take a look at your link later today.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Thanks a lot Gaby,

I got the issue, Fixed it. :slight_smile:

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