How can I send data from "Current Cell" to a popup?

I am creating a table using a repeating group of users, as shown in the image below.

On the rightmost side of each cell, you will see there is a button labelled “Delete User”. I would like this button to show a popup which says “Are you sure you want to delete this user?” along with text that shows the “Current Cell’s User’s email” (and maybe other fields belonging to the “Current Cell’s User”). However, I’m not sure how to send this data to the popup, nor how to delete the “current cell’s thing” via the popup. I have attached images of the current workflow, which does not work.

Can anyone provide me with insight on how I can send the data to the popup? Or, if you can think of an alternative way to complete the task, can you let me know? Thanks so much!


Hi @angela,

when Button delete user is clicked, before showing the popup, run “Display data in a group/popup” and pass current cell’s User. You will also need to set the type of content of the popup to User. Then when deleting the User, you will be able to reference the parent group’s User.

Hope that helps,


@angela one more thing:
A smart here approach might be something called “soft delete”, which is marking records in the database as deleted so they won’t show anywhere, but not formally deleting them from the database.
So ex. you could have a yes/no field called “removed?” on the User data type and just switch this value instead of deleting the whole thing.
This allows you to take actions with data that is still connected to them and doesn’t leave orphaned objects.

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Thanks so much for the help and for the tip! It is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: