Popup disappearing from view if called from a button that is low down on a long list of a repeating group

Hey guys, Ive been having trouble with a popup on my pages once my repeating group gets longer than the page height. For the page I have been using a page height of 1600 px. Ive found if a button that calls for the popup to show is further down the page than the page height that the popup will show but further down the page than before. As you go down the list, eventually the popup will go out of view and not be shown at all.

I tried to reproduce this effect in the forum app but it happens to work fine there: https://forum_app2.bubbleapps.io/version-test/popup_on_long_lists?debug_mode=true

Here are some screen shots from my app: https://hvac_designer.bubbleapps.io/job_board
It has been working fine until the length of the list grew beyond the original page height. I tried using both a full list and a vert list ext. so that the list could be shown on one page.

The first is the normal popup height if called for from a button that is originally in view on page load:

This one is from a button (the edit button on the screen) if I had to scroll down about 400 px to get there. You can see that the popup is now showing lower on the page.

Lastly, This is from a button that I had to scroll about 1000 px to get to. All the buttons that call for the popup below this one do not show the popup at all and the popup is out of view if it called at all.

Not sure what to test for.

I’ve tried it on the forum link you gave and it works fine. Are you still having problems?

Yup its still happening. There seems to be some visual errors going on and Im not sure if it is due to bubble figuring out how to implement the new reponsive layout. Ive also noticed that if you have to scroll sideways on a page that the stripe will not extend to the new area of the page as you scroll. Most recently all of my hidden icons now show as though the show/hide conditions on all my pages have been ignored.

I’m still trying to figure out why my popup is not displaying properly. For troubleshooting I’ve found a few more things out:

-It can’t seem to be replicated in the forum app
-I have three other popups that are called from buttons in the same repeating group rows (the row that says 2167 Minto on examples below) and each of them display correctly. Its just the one popup that is doing this.
-I tried deleting the popup and recreating it, but it does the same thing again.

Here are four screenshots showing the how the 4 different popups display. The first is the problematic one and the three others all work. To reiterate the issue as described at the beeginning of the post, this popup displays well if called from a button that is visible upon page load. If I have to scroll down my full list repeating group to get to the button that calls this popup, the popup is then displayed further down the page than normal. Eventually the popup is completely out of view as I go down the repeating group (but only for 1 of 4 of my popups).

@emmanuel Do I need to create a user account for support to see this from inside my live app?

@hvac_designer following up over support

I’m still having the same issue. Did this ever get solved?