Responsive Popup: Page Height Expands After Popup Opened

I have a popup which has A LOT of stuff in it, and when I open it it expands the page height making it so there’s like 8000px of white page at the bottom of the page.

Popup Details:

  • max height 800px
  • column layout

Inside this popup there is a group that holds all the other content. It’s Details:

  • max height = 100% (of the popup)
  • allow scrolling if stuff overflows
  • also column layout

The issue is when i open the popup, and then close it, it leaves about 5000px of white space at the bottom of my page that doesn’t ever go away until i refresh. Thoughts on how to make it so the popup doesn’t expand the page height even if the contents in it are greater than the page height?

Would it be something like this?

as an example of the problem or a solution?

Original page scrolled to bottom:

open popup (you can see it has a scrollbar and is greater than 100% VH)

Initial page which now has white space below it:

It would be an example of how to fix this. Take a look at the editor.

Apparently, from what you’ve described, it should be behaving as expected, but you probably forgot to set some relevant property. Basically, the popup must have a height limitation, and within it a group must allow the scrolling of the content when it overflows, also with limited height and in a way that does not adapt to the expansion of the content.