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SOLVED: PREVENTING popup height from changing?

Hey guys!
Having a bit of trouble with my popup’s height as it keeps becoming shorter when page width gets smaller causing a gap as seen below. Anyone knows how to prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance!

Small page width:

How its supposed to look like:

This is a responsiveness issue

You’ll have to inform Bubble that this element should be touching the bottom of the containing group.
So you could drag this element down until it touches the bottom border of the containing group and the bottom border turns red.

Then it should stay there.

Hey @blurapps,
Thanks for the response! I’ve done the what you’ve said to both groups but the right group still has that gap when page width reduces.

Although if I switch positions of the groups then this happens:

I’m not sure as to why as both groups have identical settings

EDIT: i’ve pinpointed the issue, it’s due to the images’ responsive settings I have embedded in the groups, my bad!

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