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Popup in a repeating group

Hello all,

I have a repeating group. My data source for this repeating group is a list of numbers. I want the user to be able to click on one row of the repeating group and have a pop-up come up which allows the user to edit this number in the list. Any help would be much appreciated, i’m a little stuck :slight_smile:


Maybe the resuable element hack

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Have you played with data binding?

Hi @rojroj101 , there are different ways to do it and autobinding is one of them but I think what might be the difficulty here is that you can’t use “makes change to a thing” on something which of one of the basic types (number/text…)

If you want to be able to access the cell content and edit it, you need to create a field in your database that will hold that number or text value. Same for your list of number

for example :

Now you can just have a repeating group with
Type : source
Data source : Do a search for source

And then within this repeating group you would have another RG with
Type: Number
Data source : Current’s cell source List

Within this RG you can put a text with dynamic content set as : Current’s cell Number’s numb.

And from there it should be easy to add a button or something to edit that current’s cell value.

Let me know if you need explanation with the next part !

I have been trying this for weeks but i cannot get your method to work right. I think your on to something. …So i have a list of numbers in my database. Are you creating 2 additional data sources 1. source with list of numbers and 2. number with the number?

Yeah that’s it you need to have one data type “number” to hold your numbers value in the database, otherwise it is not stored !

I’m so sorry, im lost: I did exactly what you said and nothing shows up in either of my repeating groups. How does my list of numbers work into this solution…

I now have 3 sources, Number, Source and Scoresheet. My scoresheet is the third source that has a field with a list of scores. Source ( Number) is empty and will hold the value. Source (source) is a list but its empty because i just created it to hold the list. I have 2 lists now, 1 with numbers and 1 without… in my RG’s were only using the sources that don’t have any values…

Oh sorry, you need to drag and drop text element in your repeating groups and give them the current cell’s number as source !

You can send me a mp so that we do a zoom or something in case it doesn’t work, happy to help