How to pass data to a repeating group in a popup


I am having a repeating group that has a button that allows users to edit the stuff inside.

All is working when I use the event to display data in the popup, except for a repeating group that has a list of things.

It does not work.

I tried many things, from actions and data source and whatever I could think of.

I try to make the repeating group data source to the parent group things but it tells me it must be a list so I still can’t.

Please help.

Right. You send a single record to the popup but you must send a list to the RG in the popup.

Are you trying to access a list on the main thing you send to the popup?

Also, screenshots are helpful

So basically there is a repeating group in the main group.
What I am trying to do is when someone presses the edit button on the current cell o that repeating group, it shows a popup.
The popup should contain the current repeating group cell info
It all works perfectly with the other lists, for example, invoices.
When a user clicks the edit button, he gets a popup that has all the invoice data in the fields like the invoice number, total etc.
But in the popup, there is yet another repeating group that contains the invoice items description, unit price etc.
I cannot pass data to that group
I tried many things but none worked.

Have you tried using the “display data in a repeating group” action?
If not, do that as soon as you’re showing the pop-up.

  1. The pop data source should be of the same type as the Rg in the main group (for e.g invoice)
  2. The second Rg inside the pop which contains invoice items should have data source of “do a search of invoice item” add constraint "invoice = pop invoice. "

P.s make sure the invoice item data type has an invoice field.