Popup is scrollable, cut off in design view

Hi, I’ve a popup with a long entry form. I’ve made it scrollable because it doesn’t fit on one screen. I’ve also changed the layout setting to the popup to 80% height because otherwise the buttons are not accessible in the debug mode.

Now my problem is that a part of the popup is hidden in the design view. I’ve to go to the elements view to access the fields at the bottom but it’s very cumbersome.

Is there a way of showing the whole popup in the design view or scroll there as well during editing?

@jenny_p A quick fix that would keep your 80% height on run mode but maintain a full view within the editor would be:

Reset your popup element’s height. So remove the 80% that you gave it.

Give your popup element an ID. Something unique like “popup123”

Add an HTML element to the page

Within that HTML element, add the following code:

#popup123 {
  height: 80% !important;

Let me know if that works for you!

Hi, Thank you for the fast reply. Somehow, it’s still cut-off:

I cannot scroll down.

The group and popup don’t have any limitations anymore:

Otherwise regarding the html element, that seems to work, thank you.

Chances are this has something to do with your page’s height. For example, if your page’s height in the editor is 300px and you open your popup, you won’t be able to scroll. But if your page’s height in the editor is 3000px, you will be able to. This is a Bubble thing.

Ok, thank you for the explanation.

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