Popup content locked and won't scroll

I’ve looked at a bunch of forum chat’s but the answers provided are not functions I seem to have available to me. My popup is longer than the screen size and I can’t seem to scroll down it…anyone know how to fix this?

So are you saying you want to make the pop up shorter?

You need to set it to “fixed height”, and then manually adjust the height in the inspector panel. The object handles don’t work for resizing in the same way when the responsive engine is turned on. Using the input fields, you input exactly how many pixels tall you want your element. Otherwise the responsive engine will use the last element in a group to fill the entire container.

Check the parent/child panel at the bottom of the appearances tab of the element inspector. This will tell you if your popup is inside a parent group. Sounds like you may have a conflicting group causing undesired affects, or the size of your pop up may have gotten reset when you toggled responsive format.

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Hi @beccijanereid
Wondering if you figured this out yet? I just converted a reusable popup to the new engine and working through the settings. I noticed the popup does not scroll to view the entire contents. Wondering if this just might be a setting on one of elements/groups or a bug that still needs to be fixed? @bubble63

I haven’t yet - I did a quick change to the design and split it over two pages to remove the need to scroll

If you want to scroll the pop up, you have to limit the size to always be smaller than the amount of data being displayed. If you are not defining the size of your pop up, then Bubble defines it based off how much data is there.

If bubble defines the size of the pop up, and your page is shorter than the resulting pop up you won’t be able to access it all.

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