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Popup not stretching to fit reusable content size

Hi All,
I am trying to make a popup show a reusable content that has a bigger size than the popup, but when it shows the reusable content, the popup does not stretch vertically to fit all the content (as a regular group would do…) Any ideas?

This is what the configuration looks like:

As you can see, the popup mantains a constant height of 550 px and does not strecht.

Thanks a lot for all the help!!

I have this problem too… So I made the popup bigger than the reusable element.

The only problem is that the popup won’t collapse its height, no matter if the reusable has a collapse height in it.

Result: I have a popup with A LOT of blank space hahah

@ri_scc_94 Yes!! Just what I am trying to avoid: having a lot of whitespace on the popup…
If you find a solution let me know! I will do the same here :wink: