Popup Responsiveness

I have a popup that I want to stretch when the screen width is larger than the popup width as set in the editor.

I understand how responsiveness works, and have the popup set up correctly.

Any ideas as to why the popup doesn’t stretch beyond the 1200 width when on a larger screen?

I think maybe because you have a max width set. Try removing it if that’s how you want it. Hope that helps.

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I don’t think that is actually isn’t the issue. I have the popup set to 1200 in the editor, so the max width setting of 150% should enable it to stretch up to 1800, however it doesn’t stretch and just remains at 1200.

In my mind, to get it to stretch beyond the original setting of 1200 I would need to have the max width setting if I don’t want it to go beyond the 150%. When I don’t have the max width checked, it would just stretch as large as the screen width is. However, the problem is that it never stretches beyond 1200 if I have max width set or not.

Could be another issue that I need to delete the element and create a new one and hope the new one functions properly. Been having to do that a lot lately.