Pass repeating group list (Data Source) to Popup

I have an RG that shows 4 people. Upon clicking a button, a popup appears to allow the user to change the order of the people ( I plan to use lift shifter to do this).

I have this working by passing through a person, and then doing a new search in the popup. From an efficiency point of view, I was hoping I could just pass the source of my RG and not have to do another search.

What is the best-practice way to do this?

In the 2nd RG reference the 1st RG’s list of things

Sorry I should have added that the RG I am triggering is a nested RG inside a RG…

How do I reference the RG when it appears 15 times?

In this image the RG goes down the page for each position, then for each position there is a nested RG that spits out the players in order of preference:

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.12.45 pm

Oh I see… yea you won’t be able to reference an element inside a RG cell.

It is probably fine how you have it now, but if you want to experiment with WU usage, you could put a custom state (list, Person datatype?) on the popup and when you click to show the popup also set the custom state to the RG’s list You can reference the RG if you’re triggering a workflow from inside that cell.

Then on your popup reference the custom state list

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