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Popup - This popup cannot be closed by pressing esc

Hi, I’m using a popup for displaying contacts. At the bottom, there is an “edit this contact”-button, which switches from text to inputs etc. At this point - the editing state - I want the user not be able to close this by pressing esc/ outside of the popup. Also, I want the user to be able to close it, when its not in editing state.

So, my question is: Can I control the appearance checkbox with conditions? I have a custom state (is editing) and I would like to use this.


Hi there, @robin_rob96… I’m guessing you may have checked the popup’s conditional tab already, but the short answer is no, you cannot control that checkbox with a condition. It looks like someone requested that feature years ago, but it was never implemented (probably due to the fact that the use cases for such a feature are not all that prevalent).

The above being said, you could probably do something super hacky and use the A popup is closed workflow action to reopen the popup (i.e., show it again) when it is closed and its is editing state is set to yes. But, again, that would be hacky as hell, and I’m sure the popup would flash because it would close for a split second then reopen. I’m guessing there might even be a way to hide the flash, but one more time, it’s all so hacky that your best bet is probably to rethink the user experience on this one.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for your reply!

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